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HERE’S JUST SOMETHING about being on the water that’s good for the soul.  Whether it’s an ocean, river, lake, or even a pool, water can energize or calm, inspire or entrance. It’s a phenomenon known as blue space – the impact of aqua pura on our well-being – and research points to myriad physiological and psychologi-cal benefits, improved mental health and stress relief among them. Maybe it’s because water is such an innate part of us, making up more than half of our bodies and covering more than two-thirds of our planet.It certainly calls to us on our travels. From our earliest explorations, humans have plied the world’s waterways, and today we dream about vacations at beachfront resorts and cruises that call on exotic ports around the globe. Stop and reflect on your own favorite travel memories

Associate art director Korena Bolding Sinnett traveled to Fiji to photograph Kokomo Private Island for this issue. Her portraits of two resort staffers, Charlotte Madden and Akuila Bati, grace our double cover (he’s “hidden” under the exterior flap).
Which picture is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you.

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