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DYNAMIC. ANGELIC. MERRY DANCERS.” Baltimore-based Virtuoso travel advisor Robin Wagner can go on about the magic of the aurora borealis. Seeing these luminous displays of colors and shapes – the result of charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere near its magnetic poles – is so exciting, Wagner says, “you get butterflies in your stom-ach. Since there’s no guarantee you’ll catch them, it kind of feels like winning nature’s equivalent of the lottery. I’ve seen people shed tears, they’re so overcome.”Head to the Arctic Circle for your best chance to see the northern lights. A cruise through the fjords along Norway’s coast promises a varied array of charming port towns, while a tour in Finnish Lapland lets travelers experience how Arctic communities exist in extreme temperatures. Either way, Wag-ner says, the trip will leave you with a profound sense of ur-gency to protect the region and its wildlife. “You realize how small we are,” she says, “and how beautiful this planet truly is“

Virtuoso travel advisors have the firsthand knowledge, global expertise, and industry connections to get you more value — upgrades, private access, and added touches — to really make you feel like a VIP.

Whether you already know where you want to go, or are looking for inspiration, they’ll help you plan unforgettable luxury experiences. Rely on Virtuoso travel advisors for every trip, near or far.

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