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We create a reliable basis for quick and effective solutions for our customers.
Our team of experts has profound industry knowledge and many years of experience in travel management.
We have been serving many of our customers for more than 20 years.

Our practiced philosophy:
• Flexible response to customer needs
• Meticulously planned travel
• Attention to detail
• 100% commitment
• Profound expertise


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What exactly is Virtuoso travel?

Virtuoso is the travel industry’s leading luxury network
with over 25 years’ experience – founded in North America.
In Travel Solutions is one of meanwhile seven exclusive partners in Germany.

What are the benefits of booking with us?
Through our exclusive Virtuoso agreements in over 100 countries,
we can offer our guests VIP care and many extras free of charge.
In addition to preferential rates and exclusive availability at
our  over 1,400 partner hotels, these are almost without exception:

• Daily breakfast for 2 persons
• Room upgrades (vacancy dependent)
• USD 100 Hotel credit (for F&B SPA )
• Early Check In (vacancy dependent)
• Late Check out (vacancy dependent)
• free WiFi

Virtuoso Member In Travel Solutions GmbH


Do you need a vacation?

Each day, about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts race – in a more or less controlled way – through our minds. It is all but impossible to have no thoughts at all. But relaxation of the mind is as important as relaxation of the body. And did we not want to live healthier and more stress-free lives anyhow? Did we not want to be more laid-back? It is a fact that lack of relaxation and permanent stress are a combination that is bound to shorten our lives. And as Albert Camus said: “Travel brings us back to ourselves.”

But what is your destination of choice? Which formalities have to be considered? Which country is the right one for you? Where do you find what you really need at the moment? If you need not only an answer to these questions but also the right solution:

Contact us!

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Your daily routine?

Verify travel formalities. Check flight times. Quickly read incoming e-mails. You still have to pack your luggage. Then, there is a call on the other line. The meeting has been rescheduled? No. Another customer is waiting. Fly via London? You won’t make it. The adrenaline level is rising …

Is this your daily routine? If you are constantly traveling on business, fly every day and across multiple time zones, you need a reliable partner on your side. If you want us to support you so that you can fully focus on your business, contact us.

We will find the best solution for you.



Traveling together …

… same place, same time? How can this be coordinated and how much will it cost you?

Even when there is only one destination, there are usually different points of departure: We will ensure that all your guests arrive at the same time. Apart from a comfortable journey, the price is often important as well. As a matter of course, we handle different group sizes, ranging between eight and 573 participants – our largest group so far.

We will coordinate your group for you!




Only those who can see their destination clearly can define the way that will lead them to it.
(Wolfgang Zielke)

If we strike a new path, we often do not know where the journey will take us. We have to cross boundaries and overcome obstacles.

Incentives are all about crossing seeming boundaries and opening up new perspectives. This will work only if unusual tasks are assigned, which can frequently be completed only if people work together as a team. In addition, interactive exercises communicating the company’s objectives – outside the daily environment – generate positive energies, strengthen the team spirit and build self-esteem.

Let’s soar together!



Cast off!

Most event guests have become tired of the same old constant stream of entertainment and large buffets at conventional events.

We turn passive event attendees into active players. Or to put it otherwise: We provide an emotional experience that has a lasting effect. How about a sailing trip in Croatia? Whether you drop anchor, hoist the sails or perform a sharp turning maneuver in the harbor: The joint experience on a sailing yacht opens up new horizons and creates lasting memories.
And the fun is not neglected.

What are you waiting for: Cast off!

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We create a reliable basis for quick and effective solutions for our customers. Our team of experts has profound industry knowledge and many years of experience in travel management. We have been serving many of our customers for more than 20 years.

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