Flexibility at its Best 2021

In Travel Solutions belongs for years to the limited group of Lufthansa Private Jet (LPJ) Agencies 
Innovative, Expertise and Confidential – we have signed the new LPJ contract for 2021.

Lufthansa Status Miles Promotion in 2021

The promotion is also applied to Lufthansa Private Jet – you can now earn the Senator with 2 short LPJ flights or the HON with 10-12 flights. The Midsize category will continue to be especially incentivized with 50,000 status miles and the feeder and return flights to LH/LX long-haul routes both at our HUBs in Europe and gateways in the USA, which will be incentivized up to 62,500 miles.

Lufthansa Private Jet puts over 900 airports in Europe within easy reach.

Unique travel at the highest standard – for sure we are happy to guide you.
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In Travel Solutions GmbH
Ihr persönlicher Virtuoso Partner Mitten in Deutschland, am privaten Airport Frankfurt Egelsbach  (ICAO: EDFE)

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